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Insurance Article

5 Must-have Car Safety Accessories

October 05 2015

If you think seat belts are sufficient for safety, think again!

The past decade has witnessed an exponential enhancement in technology and its utilization for improving travel. Although the major causes of accidents are human error and technical failure, the chances of all the safety features failing at once along with human negligence are one in a million. Here are some safety measures that should be implemented in every vehicle to reduce the severity of damage in an accident.

1. Anti-lock Brake Systems

The anti-lock brake systems (ABS) is automatically activated in case of repeated panic-driven braking. Thus, along with providing greater steering control, it brings the vehicle to a gradual stop.

Usually, cars are equipped with four-wheel anti-lock brake systems. However, one may opt for two-wheel systems that only regulate the rear wheels. ABS also come with brake assist that understands your need to brake by sensing the frequency of brake patterns and increasing the stopping distance in gravel or snow.


1. Anti-lock Brake Systems

2. Additional Seat Belts

Seat belts have been revolutionary among the many safety devices invented for damage control. In addition to the basic seat belt, invest in an adjustable upper belt and a seat belt pretensioner to ensure a snug fit and an extensible grip function to avoid whiplash during an accident.


2. Additional Seat Belts

3. Air Bags

Air bags are the second most significant invention after seat belts in the automation industry. Designed to quickly inflate and deflate during a crash, air bags now come in numerous variations. For instance, apart from the air bags in the front, side air bags are available to provide protection during side collisions.


3. Air Bags

4. Electronic Stability Control

Used under different names by various brands, Electronic Stability Control (ESC)is a smart feature that makes sure the car does not spin out of control. ESC steps in and controls the engine output as required during extreme steering maneuvers.


4. Electronic Stability Control

5. Extra Fog Lights

Extra fog lights operate even when the main headlights fail. These are essentially useful in case the battery dies and there is an absence of an alternate power source. In some cases, it also applies the braking system on one of the wheels to reduce the acceleration, resulting in a reduced speed with which the car hits an object and consequently avoids going off the road.

Apart from safety accessories, tire pressure monitoring, remote locking and added bumpers, safeguarding your vehicle with a motor insurance is worth the investment in the long run. It will ensure a hassle-free driving experience without compromising on your safety.


5. Extra Fog Lights

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