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Insurance Article

All you need to know about ICICI car insurance

March 04 2013

As car insurance is made mandatory by the law, it becomes vital that you select the best car insurance within your budget and secure your vehicle optimally. At times, people use a sample car insurance policy as a point of reference and select a policy without giving adequate thought to the coverage offered. So, to select a policy which best matches your needs and budget, it is important to carefully weigh out the extent of coverage offered by the car insurance policy.

To get optimal coverage for your car, a comprehensive insurance cover is the best bet. Such an insurance policy may offers coverage against several unforeseen man-made and natural events. It is also important to buy your policy from a well known insurance provider so that making claims is a hassle-free process. Keeping these crucial factors in mind, you must at the outset consider buying an ICICI car insurance policy so that securing your vehicle is a hassle-free and convenient process.

The comprehensive motor insurance policy is in line with the Motor Vehicles Act and includes the coverage for third party liability . With this cover in place, you are relieved of stress arising due to any legal proceedings in case of damage caused to another person’s property or permanent injury or death of a person by your insured vehicle.

The coverage for personal accident insures the owner-driver in case of an accident when travelling or using the vehicle and can come handy during unforeseen incidents like accidents or any injury sustained during a mishap. This cover is offered to the owner-driver as a part of the policy as per tariff, without paying any extra premium.

Coverage is also offered for loss or damage caused due to man-made or natural calamities. This icici car insurance optimally secures the investment you have made in your car and can reduce the financial burden faced during crises.

Apart from the above coverage options, your ICICI insurance policy for cars may also includes several features which can be included in your policy with the payment of a slightly higher premium. The zero depreciation cover, for example, allows you to get your car repaired without any depreciation in its parts at any of the garages in its network. You can also refer to sample car insurance policy so that you can get better acquainted with various aspects of your car insurance.

This comprehensive car insurance policy can be easily purchased online any time of the day, whether at home or at work. A digitally signed policy is issued almost immediately without having to set aside time to visit the insurance office or the agent to get your policy.

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