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Insurance Article

Car Insurance - Comprehensive Coverage

June 15 2010

Think of the situation where someone slams into your vehicle think about the trouble in will bring to you. It could be your stereo system, music system, GPRS system, car accessories and other valuable electronics item which may cost thousands of rupees. This instant punch leads to intense pain by spending thousands more by fixing/replacing the same.

Rather than picking up the pieces left its better to show activeness and get prepared against any situation like this. Normal motor insurance may/may not cover mentioned list of items but a comprehensive coverage policy is a remedy for such break-in incidences. It offers the financial assistance to redeem from any such situation. Theft is only covered under this policy.

Comprehensive coverage extends to the damage done by the doer in forms of scratches, breaking of window and locks, damage to seats etc. Comprehensive policy does not come handy with the simple policy one needs to pay extra premium to opt for same. Before opting look for all the items/accessories it covers.

Parts such as wheels, steering, mirror or others which are permanently attached with the vehicles are generally covered under the simple motor insurance policy but the accessories or detachable parts may or may not be covered under ordinary policy. For same comprehensive coverage policy needs to be taken. For detachable parts owner needs to notify the same while taking the insurance plan that they were in possession of the same prior to theft.

It doesn’t mean that by choosing a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy one responsibility in over. Preventative steps must be taken to avoid any such incidences. Responsibility still lies on your shoulders above all its one of the expensive property you posses.

One can go for a theft alarm, device which gives audible indications in case someone burglarizing your vehicle. Installing any such alarm cost few more bucks in return providing sense of security and safety to vehicle. Apart from it, be alert and smart while parking your vehicle scan the surroundings for any such threats and keep your horses running to detect the same. Do not leave your belongings like laptop, cell phone, wallets, valuable electronics and important documents inside the vehicle even if you are just have to pick up little stuff in short time. Make sure twice that you lock up windows and doors while leaving your vehicle.

Avoid stereo face if your vehicle has one. For saving few pennies do not take a risk of parking your vehicle in unsafe zone. By taking such preventive measure you can save your vehicle from burglar’s catchy eyes in fist instance. Simple awareness and alertness keep you safe from being victim of break-in. Comprehensive insurance plan will take care of rest of the issues. So if you are planning to take vehicle insurance do take comprehensive coverage for all good reasons explained earlier.

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