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Insurance Article

Car Insurance - Understanding Riders and Benefits

September 05 2013

Comprehensive car insurance in India covers the following:

  • Loss or damage caused to your vehicle by natural/manmade calamities
  • Loss or damage caused by you to a third party (driver/vehicle/property)

    A Personal Accident Cover

  • Buying a comprehensive car insurance plan is not the ideal solution as there are many exclusions.


    These are optional add-ons to any standard plan that enhances coverage on insurance. Riders offer unique valuable benefits. All you need to do is shell out some extra money to get these.

    Engine Coverage Rider

    Not many are aware of this rider. But the insurance company covers engine repair in case it is damaged due to leakage of oil, water stalling etc. if you opt for this rider.

    Roadside Assistance and Towing Rider

    If you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the journey just because of a flat tire or breakdown due to any other reason, invest in this valuable rider. The handy rider will help you get you covered for 24x7 roadside assistance for a variety of problems such as fuel delivery, vehicle getting towed away to garage, repair of minor repairs, tyre change, duplicate keys, battery jumpstart, etc. The rider will help you enjoy a hassle free, enjoyable drive always.

    Zero-Depreciation Cover

    The present market value is not taken into account. This is also the reason the claim amount received is never enough to replace fiscal loss completely. The depreciation rate varies depending on factors such as make of the car, age, model of the car. In short, you will pay a considerable portion of the full claim amount from your own pocket. A zero depreciation cover guarantees full claim amount with zero deduction.

    Here's How:

    Imaginary Situation

    A Standard Car Insurance Plan

    Zero Depreciation Plan

    Accident occurs.

    Accident occurs.

    Complete loss stands at 1 lakh INR.

    Complete loss stands at 1 lakh INR.

    The insurance company pays
    an amount ranging between
    60,000 and 70,000 after the depreciation (30-40%)

    The insurance company pays the insured 1,00,000 INR. This is the Full Claim Amount.

    Personal Accident Rider

    Most auto insurance policies in India are available with this rider. In case, the plan doesn’t cover personal accident, you must add it in your plan. This rider will cover you against the following:

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