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Insurance Article

Car Insurance - Why is it so important ?

October 05 2012

Driving a car which is not insured results in the person paying a hefty fine according to the Indian law. This makes it mandatory for every car owner to get motor insurance for every car they own.

Getting insurance coverage is not only important for your car but also for your well-being.There are a number of reasons as to why this insurance is needed. A car can be harmed due to an accident or natural calamities which are not in your control. It may not always be the fault of the driver. Freak accidents are something that cannot be predicted before hand or controlled.

Natural occurrences like floods, earthquakes and such can severely damage a car. This makes motor insurance a perfect solution for such unforeseen problems. A major accident can leave you in the lurch as you may have to spend an exorbitant amount of money for getting the car repaired.

It is helpful if you are aware of your requirements prior to purchase as the policies offer additional covers for fog lights, music system and more for your benefit. It is possible to get optional personal accident cover for your co-passengers as well. Also, in case of accidental damage, you may not even have to pay any towing charges. If an accident occurs, you can simply go to a conveniently located garage thanks to the wide network of garages for a cashless claim. Another great advantage that you get is that of easy transfer of No Claim Benefits (NCB).

When your car is protected with car insurance, you do not have to worry about spending an excess amount on getting it repaired in case of an accident. It also covers the car in case it is stolen along with multiple other benefits. Depending on the insurance chosen, it is possible to get a full claim on the value of the parts replaced to make your car look brand new from the inside as well on the outside. For added convenience, it is possible for those who are not willing to pay the complete amount at one time to pay via easy instalments.

The right motor insurance will not only take care of all the expenses you incur but will also offer relief during distress. Hence it has become a popular offering for vehicle owners who attach paramount importance to their peace of mind.

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