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Insurance Article

Car Insurance for teenagers

May 19 2012

It’s not an easy decision to take, it took you many sleepless night and painful days to finally place a booking order. It’s not a soft and comfy teddy, latest Barbie, new video game which she can handle and manage easily. As a parent we understand your concern regarding the safety and security of your kid.

But you cannot deprive her from the happiness and joy that she deserves because of this extra-conscious parent instinct. You can give her those keys along with the assurance of safety and protection of auto insurance. Purchasing auto-insurance should go parallel with the decision of purchasing a car. It will provide her freedom of running her new machine freely and save her pocket money to be spent on some scratches and dents.

Now a question arises how to go ahead for a motor insurance which is most suitable for your new drivers. There are many a factors which affect the auto insurance premium but below listed points can help you in taking such decision easily. You can get a best deal by following those steps and can get maximum benefits out of the money you spend.

Driver’s History: Driver’s history could be a major factor which can help in getting the good and comparatively less premium rates. Good and clean drivers attract discounted plans, so encourage your teenage to drive safe and clean and refrain from any history of getting involved in any accidents. Insurance providers give weigh-tage to safe drivers and can provide good plans to them as probability of claims would be less in such cases.

So encourage your kid to follow the mantra of “safe driving and less premium”. This mantra will not help only for getting good premium but also important for safety of your hands operating new wheels.

Type of car: Type of car could also play an important role for deciding such premium rates. Insurers don’t like the combination of teenagers and expensive, fast moving sports cars, they always have a hitch to provide services to this kind of combination. As teenagers like speed and uncontrolled speed attracts more trouble. In comparison with that old vehicles are heavy to operate hence speed will be less, less prone to accidents.

Enrollment for driving classes: Get her enrolled in driving school. It will help her in understating the disciplined and right ways of driving. She can learn the thumb rules to be followed for safety on roads. Such schools also teach to respect the fellow drivers those are rolling with you on the roads. Good grades from such schools can also be shown to insurance providers companies which can lower the amount of premium. Those who achieve good grades in driving schools can get huge discounts and offers for auto-insurance plans.

So follow such steps and don’t hesitate to surprise her with the dream keys and with the auto insurance policy. Little add on to your budget can give the assurance of protection to your teenage which is surely priceless.

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