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Insurance Article

Car insurance is a Real friend in need

May 07 2012

In fact one should see car insurance as an advantage. General masses do not understand the importance and benefits, hence they consider it just like another formality especially the youth. If you will be found roaming around without valid car insurance in India, you will be charged a fine according to law.

There is third party insurance option available in the market in which you and your family members who drive the car also being protected. Any damage which is caused by natural calamities are covered under this insurance apart from this,even man made damage is also covered in comprehensive motor insurance. Some features are not included in third party claims insurance policies.

While choosing the right insurance policy one should be very careful as there are lots of options available in the market and you may get confused and can end up buying the wrong policy. There are many ways by which you can get a cheap car/low premium car insurance. Depending upon the extra coverage your premium may increase and if you want immediate help/support during car breakdown you will have to pay extra for the services.

Your insurance premium may be less in care of higher voluntary excess. The best way to choose the right option is to seek for a specialist advice before taking any decision or one should do a proper research on different policies, which an individual can do easily by downloading information from internet, through various company websites etc. So, if you take your decision carefully, you will actually end up buying a helping hand during crisis on time of need.

Because through car insurance you can save a lot of money in case any injury happens to you and your family or if any damage happens to your car. Hence, if you have a car insurance you need not pay the amount from your own pocket, insurance company will do the needful.

Many car insurance policies let you enjoy the discounts on having more than one policy. There is one very important thing which user should keep in mind, that is, the insurer is not eligible for any claim amount even after just a day of expiration of the policy. There is one more provision if No claim bonus year increases, you will be eligible for higher discount. If you have anti theft features in your car it can also help you in reducing the premium.

Grabbing more than one policy would be an easy way to have minimum premium. Facility of garage for your car can help you in cutting the premium cost. But as the year changes the terms and conditions also vary to some extent but still if you keep in mind certain guidelines given by experts before choosing the car insurance policy then you are surely not to regret. But there are safety guidelines also, which everyone should follow. Because first and foremost thing is your safety. Hence, if you drive safely you will not get indulged in unwanted situations.

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