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Insurance Article

Car insurance policy online - All you need to know about car insurance and immediate savings!

January 11 2013

To ensure that this comfort is not threatened by unforeseen incidents, car insurance is a must. Not only that, as a car insurance is made mandatory for all owner-drivers in India, purchasing one will keep you in line with the law.

Car insurance quotes offer a thorough idea about the payable premium for a particular insurance plan. It would thus be wise to compare quotes and select those insurance plans which best suit your budget. Comparing quotes can be quite a tedious task but is greatly simplified and hastened if you are online. As all the information is available on the internet, you can choose to compare quotes anytime, anywhere according to your convenience.

Once you have selected prospective policies, reading through the extent of coverage will be extremely helpful in deciding which policy best suits your needs and budget. Purchasing a car insurance policy online is also extremely convenient as several insurance providers offer several easy options like payment through installments, Net Banking, using Credit or Debit Card. These payment methods are both secure and convenient and further facilitate the ease with which your car insurance policy can be purchased.

Comprehensive motor insurance by ICICI Lombard may offers coverage against personal accident, third party liability cover as well as own damage due to flood, fire, earthquake and other natural calamities. The premium for your car policy is charged according to several factors and can be reduced by reading up more on car insurance policy online.

By installing an anti-theft device, you reduce the risk of theft and damage to your vehicle. This practice not only enhances your vehicle’s security but also makes you eligible for a discount on your premium. Depending on policy terms and conditions, ICICI Lombard car policy may offers a discount on your own damage premium for the installation of ARAI approved anti theft device in your vehicle.

No claim bonus is also instrumental in reducing the premium payable for the own damage cover. With this feature, each claim-free year makes you eligible for a discount on the payable premium and can make a considerable difference to the total premium amount for your car insurance. Opting for 2 car policy is fast gaining momentum as it makes policy management easier and also helps save costs. Such multiple car policies help reduce the overall cost of insurance policy and are beneficial for owners with two cars as they offer multiple coverage options.

Therefore, a little research can not only help you select a perfect car policy but also help you cut down on overall costs and maximise your net savings.

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