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Insurance Article

Car Insurance Tips

March 29 2010

So it’s important to choose wisely than to spend your money on some ordinary plan with comparatively lesser benefits. Below listed points outlines the things, one should keep in mind wile signing on an agreement.

Shop around for options:

Look for options even if you have opted for a plan in past. There are many companies who are providing their services for same, you just have to look for the best one suitable for your need and you can save money for that deal. After collecting the information from website, online connect with the toll free number and enquire about the query and details. Taking a little advice from friends can also help in arriving at a decision. Online policies can be taken as same is associated with discounts.

Increase deductible:

With the increase in deductible premium will automatically go down. Work out for the maximum deductible you can pay, in case of claim maximum reimbursement can be availed. More you will pay out of your pocket, maximum amount of reimbursements can be taken. Pay upfront rather than paying in installments. As upfront payment decrease the premium amount. Look for low mileage discount: Many of the insurance companies are providing discount if you are using your vehicle sparingly.

Multiple car policies can be taken if you already have a car at your home, you can avail discount by adding both the policies. For taking policies for multi cars, companies offers discounted rates for insurance and money can be saved by opting for such options. Avoid small claims, don’t claim for smaller dents or scratches as it increase you premium for next year. Moreover drive safely and avoid incidences of rough collisions. Safely you drive less probability of accidents. An additional personal accident cover is also a part of several car insurance schemes so look for same while purchasing one.

Read renewable quotes:

Don’t go for renewal quotes for in first look. Read and understand a policy and figure out if it’s with the same ‘terms and conditions ‘which was signed by you earlier. Look around for the other quotes and options you never know what will you get outside by merely exploring the outer world. Save no claim bonus as same is subjected to transfer for next year. Drive save and earn the no claim bonus. NCB earned over the years will take you to the league of “valuable customers”. Same will definitely benefits in long run.

Look for the network of cashless garages for seeking maintenance services, wider the network better the plan. Some of the plan offers free health check-up of vehicle for understanding the efficiency for long run. Such surveys and check-up are being done before providing the insurance services. Above listed points tops the list of things should be kept in mind while taking car insurance. Last but not the least one should always drive safe to avoid any mis-happenings taking such services.

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