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Insurance Article

Enjoy big savings with 2 wheeler insurance policy

January 05 2013

Two wheeler vehicles are commonly owned as they not only offer convenience but also help in easy navigation through heavy traffic. Rush hours put you and your vehicle at a greater risk of damage due to accidents. Such accidents can burn a hole in your pocket with repair bills that are unexpected. It is in situations like these that a correct 2 wheeler insurance policy is sure to reduce the draining of your finances. Not only that, it also helps you save a considerable amount in the long run.

Collision with other vehicles during an accident is sure to cause considerable damage to your 2 wheeler. When you insure your vehicle with a comprehensive insurance policy you no longer have to worry about high repair bills thanks to the cashless claim feature. The insurance company has a tie up with a number of garages all over the country. Servicing your damaged vehicle at one such garage helps you save on the repair charges as the repair bill is directly settled by the insurance company.

The comprehensive insurance policy also takes care of injury to the driver-owner which may occur during an accident. The cover for personal accident offered by your insurance policy takes care of medical treatment, thus saving you the cost of incurring sudden monetary loss.

Accidents at times may also cause injury to your passengers and make you liable for their medical treatment. However, the inclusion of the cover for personal accident for co-passengers in your comprehensive policy is sure to befit you at such times. These covers offered by your 2 wheeler insurance policy take off the financial load from you during such stressful times.

Another feature of 2 wheeler insurance is the no claim bonus that is offered to you when you renew your insurance policy. A driver-owner who has not made a claim for any damages during the preceding year is offered a discount on the payable premium at the time of policy renewal.

Your practice of safe driving helps accumulate a discount of up to 50% during renewal and save a sizable amount as you continue to reap the benefits of your insurance policy. Apart from these important features offered by the insurance policy, you may buy an add-on cover for electrical and non-electrical parts that are not factory fitted. This cover offered by the insurance policy not only assists you financially but also keeps your vehicle optimally functioning for long.

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