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Insurance Article

How does online car insurance in Mumbai secure your automobile?

December 30 2012

Minor lapses in judgment on such congested roads increase the chances of accidents or road mishaps. Such events are likely to cause panic and stress and may at times also cause damage to pedestrians.

All these hassles and stress can be easily avoided if you insure your prized asset with a comprehensive car insurance policy.Car insurance in Mumbai is essential as it offers respite to the driver-owner when paying for damages caused due to an accident.

When planning to buy a comprehensive car insurance policy, it is extremely essential to conduct a thorough research by checking various policy quotes to select the best plan that perfectly suits your budget constraints. Online car insurance in Mumbai is easy to purchase as many insurance providers offer a complete layout of their insurance plan.

ICICI Lombard may offers comprehensive online car insurance in Mumbai by issuing a digitally signed policy when you fill the online form. The main advantage of this online mode in Mumbai is the quick policy generation as it saves precious time and effort. Also, with a few clicks of the mouse, the online calculator instantly calculates premium amount according to the policy selected by you. Payment for car insurance in Mumbai can be accomplished through easy installments through Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card and Demand Draft.

Coverage offered by the policy is carefully designed so that you do not have to worry about your car’s safety even when travelling during heavy traffic. The policy covers damage or loss to your car due to a variety of calamities like fire, flood, burglary, housebreaking or theft, terrorist activity and other disastrous natural calamities that are common in a city like Mumbai. The compensation offered by such a comprehensive policy surely prevents sudden loss of finances that you would have to bear when paying for the exorbitant repair bills.

Brash driving on roads is not uncommon in Mumbai and accidents caused due to such acts are likely to cause physical damage to the driver-owner. To tackle such an unfortunate event, this comprehensive insurance policy is inclusive of the coverage for personal accident. With this cover, the driver-owner is offered compensation for permanent disability or death when mounting or driving the car. This compensation is sure to prevent your finances from crashing when availing of medical treatment and paying hospitalisation bills.

The mandatory coverage for third party liability is included in this comprehensive plan which prevents legal liabilities if damage caused by your insured car results in permanent injury, property damage or death of another person.

Apart from these features, this comprehensive car insurance plan also allows you to include add-on covers to increase the coverage of this car insurance policy.

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