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Insurance Article

How to choose Car Insurance

May 17 2012

In fact, one has to be a smart shopper. Browsing can help in choosing the insurance type. Points to be considered while taking car insurance:

  • Kind of coverage you require: Before signing a paperwork sit back and figure out that what kind of insurance you require for your vehicle, no one can understand your need better than you. An advise can only help you to take the final call. For eg. If you are a naïve driver you can go for the comprehensive coverage which gives you flexibility to claim insurance in case of major scratches, bumper hits and small collisions.

  • Choosing the insurance provider: One needs to be very careful while choosing the insurance provider. It’s not only the premium amount that you pay and in return take advantage of the benefits which can be availed, one needs to gather the background information of the provider company also. Stability of the company, its credit ratings and financial strength should be the topics for research. After doing your homework on those topics make a list of companies you are interested in and the plans that you are looking forward for. Read the policies and offers online and prepare questions that you have regarding the premium, deductible, offer, rates, and validity.

  • Making Phone calls: Once a list is prepared one can start making phone calls to the selected providers. It will give you the best idea about plans and how they work. Put across all the queries you have and try to understand how the process works.

  • Understanding Policy: It is very important to read between lines as most of the plan comes with terms and conditions. Try to understand terms and conditions, compare the same with the other policies. Try to work out on rates and premiums. Know what it covers and what is left out. How claims have to be process. How much time it will take to get the claims processed. Is the policy renewable, if yes then will there be any discount provided for the next term. When the validity get expired. What do the specific terms stand for (which are mentioned in agreement). All these questions/ concerns if answered or discovered will give you better understanding about the policy.

  • Claims process: If you have to claim insurance than what steps need to be followed. How’s the process. What time will it take to pay claim. Is it a smooth process or a tedious one. Try and understand all those points.

Following above steps you can do justice to the money you are spending.

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