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Insurance Article

Insure your investment in the car with a good company for insurance policies

November 27 2012

So, when buying a car you should also have a sufficient insurance as per the law. It would be wise to choose more than the bare minimum insurance coverage as you get better protection against any likely risks. You can easily do this using a good policy with a good company for insurance policies.

If you feel that finding policies which offer maximum risk coverage are hard to come by then you can simply do this by going online. When you go online you will get detailed information about the coverage that you are likely to get when you choose a particular policy. This will surely help you ascertain what you would want to include in your motor insurance policy as it can be conveniently customized.

You will find that there are three major risk covered in a comprehensive motor policy offered under the general insurance. The first and mandatory one is cover for the third party liability insurance which is sure to be of great advantage in an unfortunate accident. This covers saves you from serious financial trouble if there has been permanent injury to another person or even death by the insured vehicle. It also accounts for any legal risks which could crop up from any complications due to the accident. Thus, such cover is a must have every car should be insured with.

The second vital cover you should get is cover for accident risk which ensures the driver-owner is well insured up to the amount stated by the policy terms if the accident has resulted in a death or permanent disability. Thus, this insurance can provide the much needed financial cushion to the policy holder. Lastly, the company for insurance policy you choose should offer own damage cover. This cover can give you an access network garages located all over India if there has been major damage to the insured vehicle due to accidents, theft or burglary and natural calamities.

These covers are included in a comprehensive motor insurance plan but if you wish to add value to your policy you can also take on some add-ons. You can get a cashless claim bonus if you opt for the cover for zero depreciation which does not take into account any depreciation on the car parts replaced during repairs as per terms and conditions by the insurer. Also, for those who want to make sure that passengers are taken care of can choose optional personal accident cover for them.

Thus, this brief overview can be help you understand and choose a comprehensive cover which fits into your requirements when looking up motor insurance in the general insurance section.

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