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Insurance Article

Keep your Car Secured this monsoon

June 20 2013
Damaged, eroded and sunken cars are some images of the 2005, 26th July heavy rains deluge in Mumbai. Even though we don't expect such damage every year, one should keep their car in the best working condition. It is highly advisable to get your car checked before the rains start. So, here is a small to do list on what all you should check in your car before the start of rainy season.

The topmost priority on the list should be checking your wiper blades & wiper fluid for any leaks. It is also advised to have some shampoo in your wiper fluid, as sometimes it might be required in case of dirt water being splashed on your car

How many times have you seen cars bumping in the rainy season due to sudden brakes? Ensure your tyres, brake pads & disc calipers are in good condition. Tyres used for more than 40,000 km should be replaced.

Next in list are headlights. It is important that you have maximum visibility in the monsoons. A non functional headlight may not only cause you thousands on your car, but also put everybody's life around you at a risk. (pls change). Also, it is advisable to check your car for any oil or coolant leaks. Ensure you are adequate on both oil and coolant(reword).

Don't forget to check your spark plug and batteries, if you don't want to push your car in the rains due to problems in start-up. It is also advised to have the doors and windows of the car checked for leaks. Trickling water can really make your journey uncomfortable. Also some paint protection like wax polish before the monsoon is a good idea, as it would help protect your car from corrosion.

The above car maintenance tips are a must before every monsoon, but the last and best option that protects your car against all odds in all seasons is a reliable car insurance policy from ICICI Lombard. Get comprehensive coverage, avail cashless services at 2900+ network garages and much more easily with this policy. In times of vehicle accident just call on our toll free number (1800 2666) handy to claim at the accident spot. If you have a smart phone, you can just download the app and intimate us on accident.

So, keep your car secured this monsoon and enjoy worry free drives.

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