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Insurance Article

Know your exact premium amount with a car insurance calculator

December 18 2012

Insurance is essential for every car owner as well as you can never predict when an unfortunate event may occur. If you take a comprehensive motor insurance policy you can get a wider insurance coverage, but you may not be aware of how much premium you have to pay. You can take the help of car insurance calculator to find out the exact amount.

A general know how about what makes up a premium will help you understand exactly what sort of coverage you get. When you choose a comprehensive insurance policy your premium is divided into three parts. The first part you pay is for a cover for third party liability which takes care of any financial crises that could come your way in case the insured vehicle causes death or permanent injury to a person as well as damage to the property of another.

The second part is the cover for Personal Accident (PA) Risk cover which you can get by paying a nominal amount of the risk cover it offers. If you choose a comprehensive policy then you may not have to pay for any PA Risk Cover as it would be inclusive. So choose the best car insurance policy which offers maximum insurance coverage. This cover cushions you from having to spend your saving if the owner-driver is severely injured in the accident and has be to hospitalised or in case of death.

Lastly, it is the cover for Own Damage (OD) Risk Cover that you pay for. This cover offers a number of benefits which can only add to your savings in future. With this cover you can get access to a network garages so that you can choose from among those most convenient to you. The OD risk cover is flexible as you can get add-ons if you wish to. If you have taken a Voluntary Deductible and are unsure of the amount you pay as premium, check it with a car insurance calculator. Voluntary Deductible is the amount you get as a discount to your premium. It also implies that you are willing to pay a certain amount if a claim is to be made.

Thus, you can certainly get the best car insurance plan that is tailored perfectly to suit your requirements and constraints to give you the maximum benefits.

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