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Insurance Article

Motor Insurance online : Easy way to secure your car

November 18 2012

Not just that, the Motor Vehicles Act makes it mandatory for all car owners in India to possess a motor insurance policy. This insurance policy ascertains that the car owner is safeguarded from monetary losses caused by damage from natural calamities, accidents as also theft.

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing motor insurance online is the instant policy facility. This feature does away with all the hassles of paperwork and tedious documentation and simplifies the process of insuring your vehicle. Thus, the online mode of policy purchase offers a soft copy backup and eliminates the preservation of hard copies which are prone to misplacement, accidental damage to property, etc.

Adding to the list of convenience offered, online motor insurance purchase allows you the flexibility of choosing from a vast assortment of payment options. You can choose to pay via Credit Card or carry your transactions through Net banking. You may also use your Debit Card when purchasing insurance online for your car. Once all particulars are filled in, you can easily calculate the premium with the on-site calculator and enjoy all the benefits that your selected policy offers.

Apart from purchase, you can also renew your policy online. Timely renewal of your policy is extremely important because an expired motor insurance policy is equivalent to not owning any policy at all. Insurance companies now offer the facility of "Free Renewal Reminder Service". Through this you as an insured, can easily stay updated with the expiry date and renew your policy effortlessly without worrying about the due date slipping by. You can renew your existing policy up to 60 days before its expiry by simply logging in the website and filling in the specifications to enjoy uninterrupted coverage. This easy renewal mode offers the flexibility of refreshing your car insurance from your home or office. The short processing duration and easy procedure of renewing car insurance online is a boon especially when you are pressed for time.

You can also track claim status online and stay updated with your car insurance anytime, anywhere. This feature is especially convenient in today’s fast paced lives where paucity of time is commonplace.

Thus, a Motor Insurance policy not only protects your car in case of accidental damage but also reduces financial losses. With online insurance facilities, purchasing, renewing and tracking claims on your motor insurance is just a few clicks away.

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