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Insurance Article

Online Car Insurance - Unlocking the Incredible Benefits of Car insurance

September 05 2013

In case, you have invested in a new car, then you must know how it feels to spend a huge share of savings in a vehicle.

Your vehicle is one of the most valuable investments of your life. So it is important to make efforts towards securing it. And the best and only way to do it is insuring it. Before you take your beloved vehicle on roads, you need to insure it. Getting tensed is no solution. You need to spend money from your pocket each year.

Car insurance is certainly one of the most important documents that a car owner should possess. Luckily, this is not a tough job anymore. These days, one doesn't need to rush searching for agents to buy a new car insurance plan or renew the existing one.

These days, everything is available on the internet. All one needs to do is select, and pay via clicking a button. This saves car owners, a lot of time and money. Similarly, it is easy to get a car insured on the internet.

The World Wide Web will offer you quotes from different insurance companies and help you compare every detail that you wish to know. As soon as the intermediaries or agents are out of the scene, the insurance corporation saves a lot of money. This allows them to offer attractive discounts on their premium.

A huge number of online insurance assessment portals allow customers to select and purchase the best insurance. The customer can get adept information and attractive discounts offered by various insurance companies online. These days, almost every company have a website running online.


IDV (Insured Declared Value)

It is actually the present value of a vehicle. IDV is calculated as the current manufacturer's selling price of the vehicle subtracted from depreciation. IDV facilitates in adjusting value of a car and thus minimizing premium costs.

Voluntary Excess

This is the discount available to those who wish to pay some amount of the claim before actually getting it from the insurer.

NCB (No Claim Bonus)

This is a type of discount ensured by to the policy holder in the event he does not make any claim during the year of policy. The value of discount ranges between 10 and 50 per cent. The NCB is applicable up to 90 days from the date of policy expiry.

Unlocking the incredible benefits and features will help you get the maximum benefits from the insurance plans.

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