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Insurance Article

Pledge to Ride Safe: Motor Safety Tips

September 16 2012
A slight deviation from what is required may lead to accidents. This holds true for all who venture on the roads. Meeting with accidents may not necessarily be your doing it may be due to another's lapse of judgement as well. While you cannot control that, you can surely follow these motor rules and pledge to ride safe.

Choosing it Right

No doubt you share a special bond with your vehicle. But like everything else, this bond too depends on compatibility. One should not choose an extremely heavy bike if one has a slim body structure. Similarly the choice between a sedan and a hatchback should be based on the ease of driving, manoeuvrability, and handling.

Braking with ABS

A driver may find it challenging to control and steer the vehicle after applying brakes. This can cause the vehicle to skid and crash. Anti-lock breaking system (ABS) helps the driver to maintain control of the vehicle till it stops. ABS is a must for safe driving and is especially useful in slippery conditions.

Using Safety Gear

Head injuries can be fatal, or worse can cripple you for life. Riding a bike without a helmet is akin to toying with death. Driving without protective head gear is a strict no-no and is a punishable offence under law (in some states). So remember to don your helmet (preferably ISI marked for standard quality) before you zoom out with your bike. ndling.

If you have a car, belt-in before the journey. Air bags are a must-have. These are of paramount importance in avoiding fatal mishaps. For those with young toddlers investing in a baby car seat is a good idea.

Maintenance for Better Performance

Regular maintenance will ensure that your vehicle does not break down, thereby preventing any accidents or untoward incidents. Preventive checks for engine oil, tyre pressure, head lights, etc. will help you get better performance and avoid trivial maintenance issues. Servicing regularly is a better option than catering to major and expensive problems in the future.

Golden Rules of Driving

These seven golden rules should never be flouted:

Minding Traffic Rules

Left for slow, middle for fast, and right for overtaking (LS - MF - RO) are the lane rules that very few of us follow diligently. Following traffic signals and giving the right signals to fellow drivers is of utmost importance. Avoid unnecessary honking and maintain calm in trying traffic conditions.

Opting for Adequate Insurance

Availing third party liability insurance is compulsory under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. Along with this statutory requirement, availing specific motor insurance policy to avert financial losses due to certain manmade and natural disasters is suggested. Add-ons can also cover accessories and your bi-fuel system.


Be the change. Follow these rules, regulations, and suggestions to make driving a pleasurable experience for everyone!

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