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Insurance Article

Two Wheeler Insurance - Important asset for motorbike riders

August 08 2012

But, how ready are you and your bike to face the ill-fated events? Unforeseen events whether natural or man-made may not just hurt you bad but it may affect your precious bike too.

Repairs, wear and tear and broken parts of your two wheeler can be the additional burden on you; it may cause a big dent in your pockets. Hence, a sensible rider is the one who take necessary precautions. A valid two wheeler insurance policy is mandatory as per law but, not many abide by this law.

If you love your life and wish to see the world on your motorbike, then take a pledge to opt for a two wheeler insurance policy the first thing after you purchase a motorbike. After all, it’s a criminal offence to ride your motor bike without a valid two wheeler insurance.

It is important to buy two wheeler insurance not just for namesake, but by understanding its true value and also by knowing the needs of your two wheeler. A suitable comprehensive two wheeler insurance will not just save your bike from damage, but it may also offer cover on injuries to the rider as listed in the policy.

Once the policy is purchased there are few essentials that have to be kept in mind as a policy holder.

  • Keep your two wheeler insurance in a safe place. Remember, the insurance policy should be kept in a place that’s easily accessible.
  • Make a note or remember the policy number. It may be useful in times when necessary.
  • When the two wheeler insurance is nearing expiry please get it renewed to avoid complications and to continue getting access to advantages linked with it. 
  • Timely, make a note of the offers in the two wheeler insurance market in order to get a better idea of the insurance policies and pick the right insurance plan for your motor bike, when needed.
  • This fast paced city life demands quick accessibility to any query. So, take advantage of this technology and explore further to get a suitable two wheeler insurance!

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