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Insurance Article

What benefits should you look for when buying car insurance in India?

August 19 2013

If you are caught with an expired insurance policy or do not have one then you may end up paying a heavy fine. So, it is a must to get your car well insured with the right car insurance in India. These are a few benefits which a motor insurance policy should include if you wish to buy it.

Third Party Liability Cover

This is a risk cover that lends you a financial cushion in case you have to face a financial crisis due to an unfortunate accident. If there has been an accident you car is not the only property damaged or you being the only person injured. You may have to pay compensation to another if he is severely injured or there has been a death. This is a possibility even if another’s property is damaged. All of these liabilities are taken care of with a Third Party Liability Cover. Also, if there are any legal complications from the accident, you will not have to bear the financial liabilities.

Personal Accident Risk Cover

You should check if this risk cover is inclusive in the quote; car insurance policies often offer this cover without having to pay any extra premium. This cover is essential if an unpredictable accident leads to permanent disability or even results in death. For those who want to add extra value to the policy they can opt for the optional personal accident cover for co-passengers.

Own Damage Risk Cover

This risk cover is of a great help if your vehicle is damaged because of an accident. Accidents are not something that you can predict and it may not always be the fault of the owner-driver. So, it is wise to choose car insurance in India with an Own Damage Risk Cover. You can get an access to over wide network of garages located in India. For those who wish to get maximum benefits from their insurance policy can opt for an optional Zero Depreciation Cover. With this cover, you are not needed to pay any amount for all the damaged car parts that are replaced as it does not take into account any depreciation on them.

Therefore, when you have the right quote, car insurance policies can give you optimum benefits if you have to experience an unfortunate event.

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