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Insurance Article

What Coverage Does The Comprehensive Toyota Insurance Include?

June 09 2010

If you have decided to purchase an insurance policy for your Toyota car, then you already understand that insurance policies are extremely advantageous for car owners.  The coverage of policies like the Toyota insurance policy includes protection against the financial implications of natural and man-made calamities, personal accident and even third party liability.

The main purpose of an insurance policy is to provide you with a safety net against all types of financial expenses resulting from some kind of accident. Furthermore, in India, it is mandatory by law for a car owner to have an auto insurance policy.

There are two types of automotive insurance policies, namely third party and comprehensive policies. While third party insurance is compulsory according to Indian law, it is the comprehensive insurance that meets all the insurance needs of Toyota car owners The following are some coverage details of a comprehensive Toyota insurance policy.

  • Natural calamities:

    Damage to your vehicle can happen any time. However, when it is not in your control, especially during a natural calamity, one tends to feel helpless. The majority of automotive insurance policies would provide you with coverage against any kind of damage resulting from some form of natural calamity. The term natural calamity includes incidents such as a fire, explosion, earthquake, land and mudslides, flood, heavy cyclonic storms and even lightening.
  • Manmade calamities:

    Accident on roads is something that cannot be predicted. The only solution that you have against this is to be prepared for one. The preparation comes in the form of a Toyota insurance policy that will provide you with coverage against the costs of any damages resulting from an accident. These policies even provide protection against acts of terrorism.
  • Personal accident:

    When an accident strikes, it is not only your vehicle that is damaged. Most Toyota insurance policies recognise that you can suffer injuries from an accident. These policies provide protection against any kind of medical treatment that you may need after being in an accident. Moreover, you can also choose to have this facility available for your co passengers.
  • Third party liability:

    The main difference between third party insurance and a comprehensive Toyota insurance is that the comprehensive insurance includes all the coverage that the third party insurance will provide. As a result, these policies protect you from the negative effects of any kind of legal action taken against you by another person involved in the accident. The coverage also includes damage to another person’s property.

The coverage of most Toyota insurance policies is specifically designed to take into account all kinds of situations that you can face on the roads. Hence, having an automotive insurance policy in your name would not only protect you against the bills and repairs of an accident but also the legal impact.

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