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Insurance Article

What is Road Side Assistance (RSA)

October 16 2012

Why is it important to opt for road side assistance?

Peace of mind

With round-the-clock service that is just a call away, road side   assistance offers you and your family utmost peace of mind.

Handle complicated repairs

Often, complicated car repairs may be beyond our comprehension.   Road side assistance arranges for professional assistance to address such issues.


In case of accidents

Road side assistance provides the much needed support in physically tackling issues like moving the damaged vehicle.

What Are The Facilities under Road Side Assistance?

Towing in case of breakage or accident

Technician visit

In case you are unsure of the issue at hand, you can call for a car technician to examine the fault and set it right.

Flat tyre change

An onsite technician can be arranged at a short notice to replace a flat tyre or to fix the flat tyre by taking it to the nearest garage.


Troubleshooting battery issue

A car with a dead battery is an ordeal that no driver wants to  experience. Roadside assistance provides you with a facility to jump-start your battery or at least arrange for a service battery.


Fuel refilling

In an eventuality where you unexpectedly run out of fuel, roadside assistance comes to your aid by refilling your car with enough fuel to let you reach the nearest gas station.


Key solution

Losing your car keys is perhaps worse than locking them inside the car. Or, is it the other way round? In either case, you remain vexed. In such contingencies, roadside assistance can offer professional support to arrange to pickup and deliver spare keys or unlock your car.


Phone assistance

Road side assistance puts you a phone call away from expert advice on tackling minor technical car issues. Customer care executives can not only guide you on phone but also offer relevant information like the directions to the nearest garage, nearest hospital, etc. 


Cab service

Roadside assistance seamlessly coordinates with the closest rental cab companies to arrange a cab for you and the other stranded passengers. While a tow truck would take care of your car, you may reach your desired destination without any hassle. 


Hotel accommodation arrangements

In case your car being immobilized due to accident or breakage Insurance Company may facilitate arrangement for hotel accommodation in a place near the place of breakdown /accident.


Message relay in case of accident or breakdown

Being unable to inform your family and friends about your whereabouts can be disturbing. Insurance company fills in and relays your messages to them as per your request.


Legal advisor referral

Getting prompt advice from lawyers after meeting with a road accident can ease your legal troubles. Insurance company may connect you to the experts and professionals. Road side assistance may be available for a nominal yearly fee.

While the cost of providing above services is borne by the company, the actual cost of repairs or other expenses incurred is borne by you.

 Travel smartly. Always keep the roadside assistance number handy!

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