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Insurance Article

Why is it necessary for every car to be insured with an auto car insurance?

June 17 2010

Now-a-days the number of vehicles we see on the roads is always on the rise as cars are easily within the reach of the common man. This gives rise to tremendous traffic which in turn increases the chances of unfortunate accidents which may not always be in your control.

Thus, you should have an appropriate car insurance that can cover you against all the risks that you could be forced to face if an unforeseen event occurs. When an accident occurs your car may not be the only property damaged. The accident may result in loss of life or permanent injury to another person. There may be chances of the surrounding property owned by an individual also gets harmed.

In such an event, third party liability cover can be a big help in resolving the situation. third party liability is an auto car insurance cover which covers a certain amount in case of severe or permanent disability to another or serious damage to the person’s property by the insured vehicle. It also includes the legal liabilities which could be result from such an unanticipated event.

Unanticipated events are also likely to drain your finances when you least expect it. This can be a major cause of concern especially if you have some other pressing need that requires you to spend money. So, it would be wise to pay a negligible cost of car insurance to be prepared for those trying times like sudden hospitalisation.

In case of an accident, comprehensive insurance policy offers personal accident cover which takes care of the hospital expenses as per the policy limit if the driver- owner is injured. For those who wish to add to the value of their policy, they can get optional personal cover for the co-passengers as well.

Personal accident and third party liability cover are certainly essential but with a comprehensive cover you can get a number of benefits. own damage cover insures your investment in the vehicle in case of accidental damage, theft or burglary as well as natural calamities like flood, earthquake and more. This cover is especially useful post an accident as it allows you to get a cashless claim through the extensive network of garages.

Therefore, these are merely a few of the reasons which help you determine why you should get an auto car insurance cover for your car.

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