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Insurance Article

Why is purchasing online car insurance in Chennai important?

January 06 2013

Cities like Chennai suffer from chronic traffic congestion and it is during such times that your car is most vulnerable to damage from a road accident or similar mishap. With the tearing hurry to reach work or desired destinations on time, negligence even during peak traffic hours is rampant. Your car can get damaged in the process and will ultimately lead to heavy repair bills. To prevent a financial upset, it is best to purchase car insurance.

Given the paucity of time, it is best to opt for online car insurance in Chennai as you have the convenience of buying your policy. As the information is always available online, all you need to do is log in on the internet, search quotes and narrow-down several reliable policy providers. The car insurance quote will give you an exact idea about the amount payable to purchase your motor insurance policy.

When looking to buy car insurance in Chennai it is would be an option to consider ICICI Lombard’s comprehensive motor insurance. This motor plan is structured as per the Motor Vehicles Act and includes coverage for the third party liability cover. This cover extends monetary benefit during an accident in case your insured vehicle causes permanent disability or death of another person.

 At times, during a mishap, your insured vehicle may damage the property of another person, the reimbursement for which is covered by your plan as well. Moreover, all legal proceedings arising from such accidents are also covered so that you remain stress-free.

As traffic and brash driving are rampant in Chennai, it is important to buy a policy which offers adequate coverage to the driver during an unforeseen incident. The ICICI Lombard motor policy for car insurance in Chennai may offers the coverages for personal accident which secures the owner-driver in case of permanent disability or death during an accident. Not just that, this cover is a part of the ICICI Lombard motor policy without any extra premium costs.

In the event of an accident, your car may get damaged and arranging for finances on a short notice may not always be easy. As a safeguard against this measure, the motor insurance policy has the coverage for zero depreciation . With this cover in place, there is no depreciation in the value of your insured car and you can avail of cashless repairs. This online car insurance in Chennai gives you access to the insurer’s network of over 2900 garages where you can get your car repaired without bearing any cost.

When you buy the policy online, you get access to a digitally signed motor policy almost immediately which further simplifies the entire process of policy purchase.

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