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Insurance Article

Why is selecting motor insurance plans from reliable insurers essential?

March 14 2013

As a four wheeler insurance policy is mandatory for every car being driven on Indian roads, buying a good insurance cover will prove helpful. Many a times, people settle for motor insurance plans provided by the car dealer.

These may be cheap with regards to premium but not necessarily offering optimal coverage. So, to get optimal converge, it is important that you conduct a thorough research about the motor insurance policies made available by reliable insurance companies.

One advantage of securing your car insurance from a well-known insurer is the convenience factor. As the insurer is well-established, motor insurance claim process is generally smooth and stress-free. Another well-known fact is that you get several benefits from such an insurance company which is sure to come handy during a crisis.

For example, ICICI Lombard Car Insurance offers towing charges assistance in case of a breakdown or an accident. Not only that, with the purchase of this insurance policy for cars, you also have the option of securing co-passengers, with an add-on accident cover, up to a specified amount so that the well-being of loved ones is ensured even during an accident.

The coverage offered by reliable insurance providers is not only attractive but beneficial as well. By selecting a good insurance cover, you can get the benefit of optimal coverage while securing your finances from unexpected drainage during a mishap. All motor insurance plans in India offer the minimum Third Party Legal Liability cover.

With this cover, the owner of the insured vehicle gets protection against legal liability due to accidental damage which may cause permanent injury or death of a person and also damage caused to the surrounding property. This means that, the basic coverage of your motor insurance cover protects you from legal and financial hassles.

The Personal Accident Risk cover is offered by ICICI Lombard as a part of its basic policy structure. This means that, you do not have to pay additional premium to get this cover which comes handy to driver-owner is injured in an accident as he can get prompt medical care. ICICI Lombard motor insurance also offers cashless claims servicing to for all its insured vehicles.

With this motor insurance claim you can get your car repaired optimally from any of the 29000+ garages located across the country without having to worry about the bills. Keeping above few benefits in mind, buying a motor insurance from a reliable insurance provider is extremely essential if you wish to secure your prized car optimally.

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