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Car Insurance Information

What Does A Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan Cover

August 18 2015

A car is an important asset and thus it is viable to protect it with insurance.

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5 Tips to Manage Car Insurance Premium

August 06 2015

Are you paying the right price on your car insurance?

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Insured Declared Value - Simplified

August 04 2015

The world of insurance is full of jargons that can be intriguing and intimidating.

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Car Review - Tata Bolt

July 23 2015

It's a bird, it's a plane. No, it's the Tata Bolt. The Bolt cannot fly but it surely can be termed as the Superman of hatchbacks.

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Car Review - Renault Lodgy

July 22 2015

The Renault Lodgy is the French manufacturer's first foray into the popular Indian MPV market.

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Get Instant Insurance Quote with IL-insure's Photo Quote Feature

July 20 2015

ICICI Lombard brings to you a unique and time saving method to avail insurance quotes through your smartphone.

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No Claim Bonus - A Quick Overview

July 15 2015

The no claim bonus feature gets you discounts in the premium ranging from 20% - 50%. However, the discount rates are dependent on the age of the policy and when the last claim was made.

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DIY - Preventive Maintenance For Your Car

July 14 2015

Do you feel a rush of adrenaline when you hear your car engine roar? Do you experience a child-like glee when you admire your car? Well, you are not alone.

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Demystifying Car Insurance

July 13 2015

Everything you wanted to know about Car Insurance

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Should You Buy A New Car With An Older Manufacturing Date?

May 29 2015

Things to know before you make the big investment

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