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Car Insurance Information

How online insurance safeguards your prized motor vehicle

September 17 2012

Safeguarding your automobile with a motor insurance is mandatory under the Motor Vehicle Act and enables you to enjoy a stress free drive.

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Pledge to Ride Safe: Motor Safety Tips

September 16 2012

Driving is an art, not a right. It is a skill that needs to be developed over the years. It demands the use of higher faculties, involves concentration, quick decision making, and better judgement.

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Car insurance described in detail

September 09 2012

​People are getting aware about covering the financial losses occurred due to unforeseen events and insurance policies are one of the most easier and excellent ways to do it.

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Premium Talks How to calculate the car premium

August 24 2012

Buying car insurance has been made mandatory for all vehicles. While, it is an enforced law, but there is a good reason attached to it.

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Motor Insurance Policy- Important asset for all vehicle owners

August 17 2012

A new vehicle may bring in overwhelming response, but one should not forget the risks linked with it.

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Looking for options to save money on your insurance

August 14 2012

Planning to purchase a new motor bike and wish to make sure that you are choosing the most suitable insurance policy that suits your pocket?

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Two Wheeler Insurance - Important asset for motorbike riders

August 08 2012

Riding a two wheeler may sound very interesting and experience the cool & breezy air accompanied by a special company makes the ride more thrilling.

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Vehicle Insurance Overview

August 02 2012

Same as first love, people fell in love with their first vehicle. First car surely holds a very important position in one’s heart.

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Auto insurance : Guide for first timers

July 21 2012

Purchasing a car for the first time? The only thought of buying a new car can be so exciting.

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Government policies for online insurance India

July 08 2012

Online insurance policy refers to the buying and selling of insurance online.

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