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Car Insurance Information

Selling Your Car? Here's How to Transfer Your Insurance Policy

August 03 2018

It’s crucial to transfer your car insurance to be free of possible legal liabilities in the future

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Is Your Safety Gear in Place?

July 18 2018

Cases of road accidents are rising by the day in the country, meaning it is only prudent to follow safety measures and secure your vehicle.

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Planning to Purchase an Electric Car? Read This First!

June 28 2018

An electric car has several benefits but it also has certain drawbacks. Here are the six things you should know before you buy an electric car.

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Maximise Your Car Mileage with These 7 Tips

June 18 2018

Maximising your car’s mileage has economic, environmental and personal benefits and is easy to do with these 7 tips.

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5 Tips to Avoid Purchasing Fake Motor Insurance

June 05 2018

Buying a car insurance policy is essential, but so is knowing how to avoid buying a fake policy in order to derive the benefits.

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Ways to Reduce Your Car’s Carbon Footprint

May 21 2018

Help save the planet, by following these six simple steps to reduce your car’s carbon footprint for a Better Future.

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Safety Tips for Night Driving

May 15 2018

Our top five tips to help you drive safely at night, and make your night-time drive experience much more pleasurable and enjoyable.

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Digital Vehicle Insurance Policy: No Need to Carry Physical Papers Anymore!

May 04 2018

The e-Vahan Bima digital vehicle insurance eliminates the need for showing physical policy papers to law enforcement authorities.

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The Best Environment-Friendly Cars in India

April 27 2018

Fossil-fuel-powered cars lead to air pollution due to their combustion engines. Switch to these hybrids to lower your carbon footprint

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Top High-Tech Car Safety Technologies

April 04 2018

High-tech safety features ensures safe driving on road and can protect your car from colliding, over speeding, and protecting you in case of an accident

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