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Car Insurance Information

5 Key Advantages of Electric Vehicles You Didn’t Know

January 03 2018

The advantages of electric vehicles are many. Be it cost savings or emission reduction, the benefits of electric cars make it a better proposition. Here are a few things you should know before buying EVs.

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A Guide to Understand Knock-for-Knock Agreement

December 18 2017

Filing third party insurance claims are a tedious and lengthy process. Knock-for-knock agreements provide an easy way out, but at a price

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What Impact Will Motor-Dealer Regulation Have on Customers?

November 17 2017

The recent regulation by the IRDAI allows all motor insurance companies to sell policies through auto dealers, benefitting customers with better pricing

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How to Protect Your Car’s Engine This Monsoon

August 14 2017

The engine of your car is exposed to extensive damage during monsoons. Here is all you need to know about the engine protection cover with your car insurance to protect it.

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How Does Car Insurance Premium Get Calculated?

July 18 2017

Multiple factors are involved while calculating car insurance premium. Check out the list of most important factors & how car insurance premium is calculated here.

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How will IoT Affect Cars?

June 19 2017

Internet of Things (IoT) is the new rage in technology. Know how this technology will transform the humble car in to a connected & self-aware machine here.

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How to Save Money While Renewing Car Insurance

May 24 2017

Renewing your car insurance policy is the time to make cash-saving changes to your coverage.

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How Do Seat Belts and Air Bags Save You in an Accident?

May 08 2017

With rising threat to safety on Indian roads, inclusion of seatbelts, airbags, & other safety features in your car are a must.

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Third Party Insurance Premium for Your Car Has Risen 70% in the Past 3 Years

April 18 2017

Third party insurance premium for cars has seen a rise of 70% in the past 3 years and has increased by a sharp 40% for 2017-18 because of high claims ratio. Read the article to know more!

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The Future of Car Insurance - Digital, Predictive and Usage Based

March 16 2017

Telematics to make usage-based insurance a universal reality and make one-size-fits-all car insurance history, probably sooner than you would think

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