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Car Insurance Information

How to Claim Compensation under Third Party Motor Insurance

July 25 2016

Though third party motor insurance is mandatory in India, the process related to making a claim and the various scenarios that could arise are not so well known.

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Airbags - A Necessity for Today’s Cars

June 10 2016

Airbags, a popular safety feature in the west, is gradually gaining importance in India. Learn how airbags work and how they are bound to become a mandate for vehicles in India.

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Insure your Car: Protect it Against Floods

May 31 2016

The Indian landscape is widely prone to floods. In addition to structural damage, they also affect automobiles. Here’s how insurance can help.

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Important Auto Insurance Add-ons

May 26 2016

A multitude of external factors make motor Insurance an essential purchase for all vehicle owners.

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How to Read Your Policy Wordings

May 05 2016

An insurance policy defines the scope of an insurance cover.

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Compulsory vs. Voluntary Deductible in Car Insurance

April 25 2016

When you purchase a car insurance policy, there are several finer aspects that you need to know, including deductibles, which can help reduce your premium. Know how.

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Cashless Garages All You Need to Know

February 22 2016

What is a Cashless Garage?...

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What to Do In Case Of Car Breakdown

December 06 2015

Worried about a car breakdown? Fret not. Here are some preventive measures and timely assistance that you can opt for.

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Zero Depreciation Rider - The Right Choice for Your Car

November 16 2015

It is tedious to choose a perfect insurance policy for your car. Moreover, riders lay on you another burden of understanding the technical clauses. Read ahead, to understand the meaning, mechanism and convenience of the Zero Depreciation Rider.

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5 Things that Can Bring Down the Resale Value of Your Car

November 13 2015

Probably one of the toughest 'events' in your life will come when you have to part with your car. Especially if it was your first ever car.

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