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Insurance Article

A health policy is a mandatory safeguard in life

March 25 2010

However, there are some uncertainties that we cannot do away with. A medical emergency can strike anytime and disrupt your quiet life. Any kind of medical illness or an accident can render you helpless. You may require immediate medical assistance, which can be quite expensive. Private hospitalisation and medicines come to your rescue but with a price. At the same time, diagnostic and specialists charges are also expensive. Thus, it is very necessary to secure a health policy so that you are not left on your own in times of emergencies.Health insurance policy takes care of your medical as well as financial needs and keeps you worry free. A health insurance policy usually covers:

  • Cashless claims
  • Room rent
  • Nursing expenses
  • Hospitalisation cover
  • Tax benefits
  • Pre and post hospitalisation charges
  • Diagnostic and surgical charges
  • Specialist fees
When you purchase a policy take into consideration what discounts and added cover is available. You must choose a policy that suits your requirements and budget. Insurance company websites provide detailed information on various policies and guide you to buy a suitable policy for you and your family. When you buy a health policy online, you have to fill an online application and fill in your personal details like age, health condition, number of family members.

You can purchase the policy with your credit card or master card or through net banking. You receive your policy within a week of the application. The premium of your health policy is determined by your age, number of members covered, your income and health condition. Premium is quite less if you buy a policy at a young age. Thus, you can save your money by getting an insurance policy at a younger age. You also avail tax benefits when you buy insurance policy. If you fall in the age group of 18 to 55 years, you are also not required to get a health check up. Some also provide cover for deadly diseases like swine flu and H1N1 influenza.

Thus, you must look at the various benefits while choosing a policy so that you get more out of your budget. When you purchase a policy, you have to provide complete details of your health condition. This will enable the insurance provider to offer the best policy for your needs. It is beneficial to get a health policy instead of life insurance. Thus purchasing a health insurance policy is the smart way of protecting your family from unforeseen medical emergencies.


A medical insurance plan will give you and your family the benefit to make it through financial crisis arising out of medical emergencies. Do your research well, compare policies and choose a comprehensive medical insurance plan that will give you and your family the cover that you need in times of crisis.

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