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Insurance Article

All you need to know about student medical insurance plans

March 19 2010

This is the reason why parents try to provide their children with the best possible education even if this means sending worry their children abroad for higher studies. To remove the mental anxiety when their children are abroad and to secure the educational years of their children, parents get student medical insurance plans for their children. Though parents are aware of the importance of the student medical insurance plans, not many know the details of such policies. There are some facts that a parent should know about student medical insurance plans.

  • The majority of student health insurance policies provide coverage throughout the year. This signifies that the student’s health is covered even when he or she is away from the college or school. A significant benefit that these insurance policies provide is that the student can select a primary doctor, clinic or hospital as per his or her preference. Another advantage is that the renewal of the policy is assured as long as the premiums are paid on time.
  • Acquiring a student medical insurance plan for an Indian student who is going abroad for higher studies is doubly advantageous. A policy that has been bought in India will negate the adverse impacts of currency exchange differences, not to mention the exorbitant medical expenses that a student can be hit with in another country. This removes the problem of dealing with any kind of cash crunch for the student and he or she can get proper medical treatment conveniently.
  • Having a student medical insurance plan also takes significance as many universiti it mandatory for a student to have medical insurance before he or she joins the institution. Many universities provide such health insurance policies as a part of their student welfare program.
  • Since the student is under a lot of mental and physical stress when he or she is studying abroad, the probability of a physical or mental breakdown is high. This can further increase due to the cultural differences which may lead to psychological shock. Therefore, many student medical insurance plans include coverage for such cases.
  • Student medical insurance plan also covers alcoholism, drug dependency, nervous breakdown, hospitalization, mammography examinations, personal accidents, inter-collegiate sports injuries, dental care, repatriation of remains and many others.
  • Many of these health insurance policies also provide a specific feature that is highly beneficial for parents in India. This is that in case of some health problem with the child, the policy will cover the costs of a loved one from India travelng to be with the child. This feature, many times, is called the clause for ‘compassionate visit’.
Student medical insurance plans offer numerous benefits so that students studying abroad can focus on their education and career while their distant parents feel confident of their well being

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