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Insurance Article

Avail of numerous benefits with comprehensive health insurance coverage

November 28 2012

Arranging for large hospitalization bills and other related expenses in a short time are sure to cause panic and stress. The best to avert such situations is to stay prepared with a health insurance plan. Your health insurance coverage prevents financial crises arising out of medical emergencies.

With the variety of health insurance plans offered by different providers it is only natural to ask, which health insurance is best? The simplest way of determining a suitable health plan is to consider your financial status along with lifestyle. Another important factor to consider is your age as health complications are likely to surface with increase in age.

ICICI Lombard offers a variety of health insurance plans to perfectly match the diverse needs of different individuals. It also offers a complete health insurance policy that is comprehensive in nature. With this policy you can insure yourself as well as your family members. This policy takes care of hospitalisation costs and offers the flexibility of customising premium amount to perfectly suit your needs. Not just that, this comprehensive health policy allows an insured individual to add a variety of optional covers to his health insurance plan.

The floater cover of the ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance plan offers life-long renewability with no limit on entry age. The sum insured offered by this health insurance coverage can be collectively used by all the members of the family or can be utilized completely by a single person. This feature is valid till the policy term expires. The floater cover also makes policy renewal easy along with hassle-free premium payment.

The cashless claim feature of this policy enables treatment of the insured individual from any hospital among the insurer’s network of premium healthcare providers across the country. This allows you to offer the best possible medical aid to your loved ones without worrying about the arrangement of finances for hospital bills. The complete health insurance cover takes care of several medical aspects like doctor’s or surgeon’s fees, room charges, expenses made for medicines, etc.

The policy also offers financial assistance for all expenses incurred 30 days before and 60 days after hospitalisation. This feature is a major boon to the ailing as it takes care of several medical expenses before hospitalisation as also during convalescence.

Therefore, with a comprehensive health insurance plan, you can easily safeguard yourself from sudden financial loss and avail of superior health care for yourself or your family members.

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