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Insurance Article

Exercising in Monsoon

June 30 2008

 Many of us put on extra kilos as the exercise schedule goes for a toss. One of the main reasons behind this is that we keep our exercise schedule on hold till the rains take a break and prefer to enjoy the indoor environment with a cup of coffee. Exercise is an important part of your monsoon health care regime and it’s very essential to look at different option to regulate the exercise to stay active, fit and healthy. There are multiple exercise options you can try, if you’re comfortable working out indoors. Exercise can be fun during monsoons, read on to know how

Here are some tips to watch how you can exercise to stay suitably warm and healthy during this rainy season-

Warm up
A basic warm up is important. A good warm up that includes brisk walking or a light jog not only suits to the people from all age groups but it also elevates the heart rate and makes it easy for the muscles to stretch. So, make sure that you do the basic warm-up prior to any intense physical activity. Stretch your body slowly and steadily after warming up the body. Stretching adds lots of flexibility to the body.

Mind your Workout

Mind plays a very important role in motivating how long you do your work out. Especially, while it’s pouring cats and dogs outside, you need to be more motivated in order to exercise regularly. Try exercising more indoors. Learn new things like Yoga, dance or Martial Arts. Start your day with a group exercise or hit a local gym or a health club with a buddy. If you want someone to peculiarly take care of your exercising regime then it is advisable that you hire a personal trainer. Exercising with aerobics videos can be good fun. Indoor Cycling is also a good option to get a moderate workout done. Get rid of the monotonous exercise regimes and try something new this monsoon. This takes care of your mental health along with your physical health.

Make it enjoyable

Exercising, be it indoors or outdoors, should be comfortable and playful. You have many options to make your work out regime enjoyable. Creating a home gym is easy and inexpensive. Buy a set of dumbbells, an exercising ball or a jump rope. Walking up and down stairs for around 20 minutes also provides an efficient workout. If you don’t have stairs, try a wooden box. Purchase cardio equipments that suit your fitness level, interest and budget. Find indoor swimming pools that have hot water and do some water workouts. A brisk walk in the mall or lots of window shopping is smart ways to get some exercise when the atmosphere is bright and fresh. Make sure you eat healthy foods while your exercise plans are taking shape.
This way you can maintain fitness throughout the season. So, try to get active with a dedicated exercise plan to stay healthy this monsoon!

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