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Insurance Article

Give your parents the gift of Medical Insurance comprehensive coverage

May 24 2010
When parents are old, they require proper medical treatment. Buying a Health Insurance Policy for parents  is the real need of the hour. A Medical Insurance can guarantee that they will get the best of treatment without spending their hard earned savings. In case, you are working abroad, you should rest contented that your parents would receive the right medical attention. It is possible only through a Medical Insurance.

All these Medical Insurances usually come with a comprehensive coverage. You must keep this in mind when you choose a Health Insurance Policy for your parents along with the Health Insurance prices. Many well known insurance companies have special packages for Medical Insurance for aged people. When you gift a Medical Insurance for your parents, you should keep this provision in view.

If you go only by the Health Insurance prices, you might lose out on many products you may later think to be indispensable. It is advisable therefore not to make Health Insurance prices the sole criterion for choosing a health insurance. A comprehensive Health Insurance Policy for parents generally will comprise of the following features:

  • Hospitalisation expenses like room charges, diagnostic test expenses, doctor and surgeon’s fees, cost of medicines.
  • Medical expenses incurred in the event of sudden illnesses or accidents.
  • Expenses on recognised technologically advanced treatment where hospitalisation for 24hours is not necessary.
  • Coverage is available for treatment thirty days prior to hospitalization and sixty days after discharge from hospital.

Under the comprehensive coverage Health Insurance Policy forparents, certain specific ailments or surgery or procedures are coveredup to predefined limits. The coverage is subject to the total sum insured not being exceeded.

There are some key benefits associated with a Health Insurance Policy for parents.

  • Pre-existing illnesses can be covered if the insurance is renewed with the same company consecutively for 4 years.
  • Nursing care benefit for a specified number of days in case the insured requires nursing after discharge from hospital.
  • Cashless claims facility in a chain of hospitals throughout the country.
  • Freehealth check –ups after the policy is issued for your parents above 55years, cashless benefit comes into force immediately on completion ofhealth check up process.
  • A singular advantage of such policies is that in many cases the policy can be renewed up to 75 years.
  • If a claim is preferred, the status of the claim can be checked online.

These benefits are available for insurance policies gifted to parents by dependents working abroad. Some insurance companies specially incorporate these features in their policies. Summary:

One of the cherished gifts to parents is a Medical Insurance. Other gifts may warp or fade, but a Medical Insurance remains useful for years. Many companies have special packages for Health Insurance Policy for parents. Comprehensive insurance products are available for varying Health Insurance prices. The Health Insurance Policy for parents will keep you stress free while working in a far away country. Choose a health insurance where the health insurance prices are not a major issue for you.

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