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Insurance Article

Health Insurance for individuals is a much needed policy in today's times

May 07 2010

This precaution can extend to your house, car, travel and even your health. With new age illnesses and infections, it becomes important that you secure yourself with a reliable Healthcare Plan. You can avail a Healthcare Plus plan when you choose the right individual Mediclaim policy for yourself.

is extremely important for your physical, mental and financial well-being. Your health is forever under some type of hazard either due to travelling, work or even in the kind of environment that you live in. As an individual it is important that you protect yourself with a plan that gives you a Healthcare Plus advantage.

That means that the Healthcare Plan that you opt for should give you more than the basic coverage in emergency situations. If you are taking care of all your expenses on your own then it is a wise decision to buy an individual Mediclaim policy. Ideally you should look for the following Healthcare Plus benefits in a policy that secures your health:

  • Coverage for diagnostic and medical bills
  • Hospital room rent expenses could also be covered under a compressive policy.
  • Consultant or specialists’ fee is another feature that could be covered
  • Cashless hospitalisation for both emergency and planned treatments
  • Online renewal of the policy

You can also claim tax benefits on your Healthcare Plan.The government has made provisions where you can claim exemption on your taxes based on accurate calculations made on the premium amount. In this way you can look after your health and save on taxes as well.

Also it is important that you buy Mediclaim insurance at a young age. As you grow older, the premium rates tend to increase as age is a big factor in determining the premium of your Health Policy. A reliable Mediclaim policy can also provide coverage for illnesses that might be diagnosed over time if you continue with the same Healthcare Plan provider.

New age diseases like H1N1 create a situation of emergency all over the country. A Healthcare Plus Plan can give you coverage for new age illnesses as well. This makes sure that individuals remain secure from every threat to their health. As it is apparent, getting a Mediclaim policy in today’s times is extremely important to ensure your safety from all angles.


It is important to secure a reliable Mediclaim for yourself. A policy that is not limited to basic coverage but extends itself to a Healthcare Plus Plan is the need of the hour. It is important that you secure yourself with a strong Healthcare Plan. There are many hazards around that might hinder your good health, therefore you need a Healthcare Plus Plan. Get the right Healthcare Plan and secure yourself.

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