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Insurance Article

Health Insurance in India and its importance

May 22 2010
An unhealthy person cannot achieve much because dealing with his sickness dominates his thoughts, whereas a person with a sound health will be motivated and will be able to achieve anything. With increasing awareness on health amongst the younger generation, India is gradually becoming health conscious.

This is because youngsters have new ambitions, big dreams and high goals and they have the motivation and drive to make them all come true. Their lives are fast paced and because of this fact there is an absolute need for health care so that they are able to overcome all the obstacles that might come their way. For this reason, Indians have realised the importance of health insurance India.

Owing to this realisation, the medical insurance sector is one of the fastest growing segments in India today. A lot of factors have contributed to this change with the most important being the change in people's mindset about mediclaim insurance. Earlier, it was thought that mediclaim insurance policies are only for older people. In addition to this, another misconception was that insurance companies are not reliable and that they have hidden clauses that the health insurance companies use to trick you in the name of health care.

Despite such obstacles, the mediclaim companies have seen growth and earned people's trust. Furthermore by providing the best medical insurance policies, they have also reached a point where even the Indian government acknowledges the benefits of getting a mediclaim policy. Here are a few reasons why companies providing insurance for medical care have been so successful:

  1. Security for you and your family:
    Health insurance policies are plans that are designed to be used when you have any health related problem. A health care insurance policy can be thought of as a contingency plan made to make things easier for you when the going gets tough. A policy not only protects you, but your whole family. The best health insurance companies offer "family floater" plans.

    A "family floater" plan can cover two adults and two children and comes out to be more efficient than four individual policies for each family member. Usual benefits included are coverage of medical expenses due to hospitalisation, 30 days prior to hospitalisation, 60 days post hospitalisation etc. Furthermore, best health insurance policies should include other bonus features such as "cashless hospitalisation", free health check-ups, inclusion of pre-existing diseases etc.
  2. Monetary support:
    Along with the support of medical care that a policy provides, it is also important to note financial benefits that it gives. The monetary advantage of having a mediclaim policy is so great that it can make a huge difference in the financial status of a family. You save in two different ways with a medical insurance policy.

    Firstly, you save on the cost of treatment, which can include the cost of hospitalisation, pre and post hospitalisation care, cost of expensive diagnostics etc. Secondly, the Indian government gives heavy tax benefits in the form of deductions and exemptions from the total taxable income to anyone paying premium towards a mediclaim insurance policy. If you have two mediclaim policies, one for your family and another for your parents, then you can get a sizeable tax deduction from your total taxable income.
  3. Best care:
    You and your family deserve the best. The best medical insurance companies are here to give you the finest medical care, should you need it. This is possible because the best health insurance companies are tied up with top notch health care providers around the country.

    All these doctors, hospital and clinics are at your disposal, if the need arises for them. Medical insurance companies providing the best health insurance policies have widespread and strong networks of hospitals on their panels where you can receive specialised and timely medical care with a smile.
  4. Support for emergencies:
    Of all the things that people worry might happen in the future, the ones that bother them the most are the ones they cannot predict. These are the emergency situations that are the hardest to control because you do not know when, where and to whom it might happen. The mediclaim insurance companies have come up with plans on how to tackle emergencies and make it easier for you, and has also come up with the clause of "cashless hospitalisation".

    This feature allows you to get hospitalised without the hassle of cash. This is a especially designed feature for emergencies where it is quite impractical to expect a patient to withdraw cash from a bank before heading to the hospital to get admitted. All you have to do is check whether the hospital you are headed to is on the panel of the medical insurance company or not, pick up your health card and get admitted.
  5. Peace of mind:
    Stress is the number one enemy of health. Stress makes your immune system weak and makes you vulnerable to all kinds of health trouble. With all these benefits of a health insurance policy in your pocket, you can be sure that you can handle anything that life has to offer. You can relax and breathe easy. No more will you have to fret about medical bills or worry about your and your family's future health.
When you buy the best medical insurance policy, you are secure medically and sound financially. Resultantly, you can face life's challenges with new energy and motivation. The best medical insurance policy will give you confidence to know that when crisis strikes you will not be at the mercy of chance and that you can take care of yourself and take care of your family.

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