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Insurance Article

Health Policy: Your personal guard against medical emergency

March 22 2010
It covers hospitalization and other expenses such as various diagnostics tests, medical bills, dental treatment, ambulance charges, doctor visits etc.
Today's hectic lifestyle has left people with no time after work and other responsibilities. This has resulted in health being one of the most neglected aspects of life. However, one should not forget the famous proverb ‘health is wealth’. Being in good state of health is extremely important to be able to live well and meet other crucial responsibilities of life. Hence, safeguarding health against unexpected sickness or accident is necessary. This is exactly where a health policy plays its role. Insurance against health allows you to enjoy financial protection against any unforeseen health problems.

  • Rest assured: A health policy in place from a reputed insurance company lets you relax. No more worrying about the expenses you may have to incur due to a health emergency. Most of your expenses are duly taken care of by the insurance company including your hospital bills, medical bills, drugs, ambulance charges and other treatment services.

  • Post hospitalization expenses: A medical emergency is accompanied by huge expenses, especially when the individual is hospitalized. However, these expenses do not cease to trouble you once you are discharged. You may still require spending money for regular check-ups, medicines, various examinations, tests etc. However, with health policy in place you do not require spending sleepless nights as this insurance scheme covers you for post hospitalization expenses too!

  • Cashless claim: Many insurance companies selling health policy include this benefit. This is a boon to people stuck in emergency health situations. The facility allows you to enjoy cashless service at any of the hospitals (the insurance company is associated with) via producing your health policy card provided by the company.

  • Swine Flu coverage: There has been am increase in cases related to swine flu across the globe. Unfortunately the death toll has also been on the rise due to lack of timely treatment. A lot of insurance companies selling heath policy now provide cover against swine flu and H1N1 influenza. In case, of hospitalization due to any of these illnesses, your medical and hospital expenses will be taken care of by the insurance company.

  • Tax benefits: A health policy comes to you with wonderful tax benefits. The premium paid for health insurance is tax deductible. The tax exemption can be availed for the amount that has been paid towards the premium for the health policy.
It is your right to gain adequate health protection via obtaining essential coverage against unavoidable financial risks and medical emergencies. A health policy will assist you in this mission.

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