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Insurance Article

Individual health insurance plans- Safeguarding life and health

December 11 2012

It is imperative to look for individual health insurance plans which offer coverage against several emergencies, hospitalisation expenses, etc.

The personal protect plan by ICICI Lombard is designed to offer your beneficiary with a death benefit in case of your accidental death during the policy period. The beneficiary is the individual mentioned in the policy, who receives the amount insured after the death of the insured. This policy covers mishaps like ·Road and rail accidents ·Accidents arising from natural calamities ·Terrorism or terrorist activities.

It would be wise to choose this individual health insurance plan if you are the sole breadwinner of your family. The policy will thus ensure that your loved ones do not face any adversities in the event of your death due to an accident.

Accidents can also cause permanent partial or total disablement. The individual personal protect policy reimburses the insured against permanent and total loss of limbs, sight, etc. due to an accident. In case the disablement invalidates the insured to remain employed then your insurance policy offers complete payment of the sum insured according to your policy terms and conditions.

This cover also offers the choice of customised coverage which allows you to choose from among several options for sum insured up to a maximum of Rs. 25 Lakhs. The health insurance rates for your policy will depend on the policy terms and conditions and the cover chosen.

This individual health insurance plan also offers the advantage of optional covers which take care of expenses arising out of hospitalisation. With the accidental hospitalisation expenses reimbursement, the insured is reimbursed from date of accident for all hospitalisation charges incurred due to injury The cover for accidental hospital daily allowance offers a daily allowance to the insured after the accident. This payment is made with a deductible of one day up to a maximum of 30 days spent in the hospital. These covers not only keep you prepared for a medical emergency but also make management of finances easy in testing times.

You can also buy this health insurance policy for your family members like spouse, children as well as parents. Now, safeguarding your life as well as your family’s is becomes extremely easy.


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