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Insurance Article

Insure your assets and health in India, to protect your savings

October 05 2012

 Insure yourself in India by taking health and asset cover. A comprehensive health insurance plan is very essential to protect you and your family from the expenses arising out of medical emergencies. Not having the right insurance can drain your finances if you get caught in a medical emergency where you need hospitalization.

Also, these days diagnostic charges, medical specialists, private hospitals with good medical facilities all come at a price. Having the right health insurance in India gives you benefits of cashless hospitalisation, pre and post hospitalization cover, day care cover for technically advanced surgeries and procedures such as Chemotherapy and Dialysis, attacks such as Swine Flu etc.

If you want to insure yourself in India then you should look at the various health cover policies and premium being offered and make a wise investment. Health insurance in India not just gives you the medical benefits but also helps you save taxes under section 80D of the Income Tax Act of India. Along with your health what you also need to insure in India, are your assets.

Property investment is now looked at as a saving. When you purchase a house it becomes your investment and you should always protect your investment form all possible harm. Burglary, theft, natural calamities such as floods, hurricanes etc or man-made calamities such as terrorist attacks or even riots can destroy your property. But if you have been smart and look at insurance in India then you know that you’re saving and your investments are safe at all times irrespective of the situation.

Similarly your car is also a big asset for you. It is a considerable amount of money that you spend on getting the perfect accessories to complement it. But if your car does not get the right protection then you could be looking at draining your pockets if you happen to get into an accident or damage your car because of some unpredicted emergency.

You need to insure in India to ensure that you and your car will both will get the financial assistance if there is damage from unexpected quarters.Give yourself the power of insurance to live in peace. Make sure that you get insurance in India for your health and your assets so that your savings never get affected.


Your insurance in India is going to determine the kind of financial cushion that you can get if you face any emergency. Make sure your health and assets are insured in India so that you never have to dip into your savings to pay for your legal or medical bills.

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