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Insurance Article

Know how your Travel Health insurance plan will keep you prepared for a medical emergency

June 06 2010
 A travel insurance policy must be included in the list as it comes extremely handy during a health emergency when you are travelling overseas. As medical emergencies cannot be predicted, it is best to secure a good travel health insurance cover from a reliable insurer before you pack your bags. Your travel insurance policy will provide prompt medical attention and also will help prevent the draining of finances in a foreign land.

The coverage offered by an international travel plan will differ slightly from one insurer to the next but will typically cover a gamut of medical emergencies which will make your trip hassle-free. Normally, travel insurance plans are designed to suit the needs of different travellers and it is not uncommon to find plans for single-round trips or several trips in the course of the year.

These travel medical insurance policies offer comprehensive coverage and also tackle several non-medical issues which may crop up on your trip. With the availability of several insurance plans online, you need not even meet with insurance agents and secure your policy at home or while at work with just a few clicks!

For single round trips, insurance companies allow trip-extension online, so that you can enjoy coverage for the extra days on your trip without any hassles. The International Travel Insurance Single Round Trip plan by ICICI Lombard has a slab-based rate (you pay for the first 7 days and then pay on a per-day basis) and allows easy trip extension which means that you get optimal medical and financial coverage without denting your pocket. As far as medical coverage of your travel health insurance policy is concerned, the insurance provider has a TPA which provides assistance at the time of making claims. Not just that, with the cashless hospitalisation feature of your travel insurance, you can get yourself treated at any of the premium health care providers in the network without having to worry about hospital bills or medical costs.

It is important that your travel medical insurance plan offer coverage for pre-existing illness. This is because at times, travelling overseas may at times be crucial despite your health condition. ICICI Lombard travel plans, for example, offers coverage in case of life-threatening situations or if the insured is in acute pain, until stability in health is achieved. Thus, even if your health deteriorates while overseas, you can rest assured about getting access to prompt and quality health care.

These few key features must be borne in mind when selecting a travel insurance cover for your overseas trip.

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