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Insurance Article

Medical Coverage - Benefits of Insurance Medical Care

January 30 2009

We realize the importance of health only when a disease starts affecting some part of our body; hampering the overall health. In such cases, having sufficient health insurance or medical insurance  prove to be of great advantage.

Health insurance induces many medical benefits for your absolute well-being. The medical cover of the health insurance or medical insurance policy benefits includes the medical charges in case you have sustained injuries or contracted any disease. In case of a serious injury or disease, you need medical treatment recommended by a medical practitioner. Hence, health insurance, in such times, provides maximum coverage and security.

Medical insurance and cheap medical health insurance covers costs of blood, oxygen, Operation Theater, appliances, anesthesia, X-rays, dialysis, chemotherapy, medicines and drugs, pacemaker, accident insurance, medical insurance, artificial limbs and cost of organs. Those who offer standard Medical health insurance benefits, also provide cashless facility at a variety of hospitals. In this case, those who have tied up with the insurer can enjoy this cashless facility, they do not have to bear a large portion of the amount from their own pocket, because it's directly managed by the Third Party Administrator (TPA).

Health insurance plans including cheap insurance plans and other benefits like health care management and medical care also feature as a part of the medical cover for pre-hospitalization (30 days) and post-hospitalization (till 60 or 90 days after release) costs. However, it only covers the disease or accident, for which you were hospitalized. The medical health insurance cover also includes the amount spent for an organ transplant. However, these are payable by the health insurance policy within limits.

Some of the leading private players are taking initiative in health care management and cheap insurance plans. They have started providing medical care, medical benefits, cheap health insurance plans, accident insurance and dental insurances. Medical and Health Insurance in India covers Individual Medical Insurance, Group Medical Insurance and Overseas Medical Insurance. The Medical Insurance cover includes hospitalization charges and repayment of the amount spent in case of diseases or surgeries.

Under a single Health Insurance policy you get dental insurance done. You can compare medical insurance plans and choose the one that is cheap. The private players cover dental treatment, injuries and emergency. Find out a cheap dental insurance policy to cover your treatment costs. Several insurance companies cover accident insurance for both individuals and families. NRI Accident Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance are some of the most popular accident insurance plans on offer. This way you can make a smarter choice with all the innovative plans that are offered and live with peace of mind.

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