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Insurance Article

Safe Keep Your Teeth with Dental Insurance

May 17 2010

Treatments involving Chemotherapy, Dialysis, Heart Surgery, Lithotripsy, Radiotherapy, Tonsillectomy, Dental Surgery, Eye Surgery, can cost significantly high amount of money. An individual insurance helps you in such situations as insurance can lead to overall healthcare growth in India and can make a difference to every individual’s financial stability and overall well-being.

There are individual insurance products to help you, be it car, travel and even your house insurance. You have individual insurance products covering risks associated with loss of life, risks arising from accidents causing full or partial disabilities, risk arising from loss of valuables, risks associated with home, vehicles, car, business, two wheelers, and further studies and all of these risks can all be transferred to the insurance company.

However, before actually buying insurance you must ensure that the insurance product that you are intending to buy is a comprehensive product in the first place. In addition, you must carefully read the complete policy documents even before finalizing the product in question.

Several insurance companies allow you to carefully read the entire policy document in original before you actually buy the insurance product from your short-listed insurance provider. Purchasing on-line insurance has more benefits than getting one from an agent. With on-line insurance you get more choices of comparing quotes. You can get all of this independently without having to rely on an agent.

You can also purchase A situation where you are in the hospital due to an accident or your loved one is hospitalized seriously can really throw you off track in many ways. First is the stress of dealing with the uncertainty of the situation and the second one is the financial impact of the same. When the latter becomes a bigger worry then it becomes more difficult to cope with the situation.

In the absence of an individual insurance, life can get complicated. Many people in our country get financially drained or lose on a chance to survive because they cannot furnish enough resources for the treatment. insurance without filling in multiple forms. Another major benefit is that you can renew it on-line from the comfort of your home or office.

Several insurance products also help you reduce total taxable income by allowing you an exemption from Income Tax on the sum insured towards health insurance. The government has made provisions for tax exemption on health insurance that in turn encourages you to purchase it. Not only do you protect your interests with individual insurance but you also contribute to the economy growth.

Summary -  

Even though, the individual insurance cannot completely take away the risk in situations, it certainly helps you reduce its financial impact on you. An individual insurance is a smart way of saving money by transferring your financial risk associated with unanticipated and unknown uncertainties to an insurer.

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