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Insurance Article

Understanding benefits and features of health insurance for individuals

February 02 2009

Also, the choice of your health insurance cover must be made after careful consideration of all your needs and requirements with respect to health-care facilities.

Thus, it becomes essential to buy a personal health insurance cover which is comprehensive in design. The complete health insurance cover offered by your insurance provider has several benefits not just for you but also for your loved ones. Under the floater option of this policy a maximum of 5 family members can be insured under a single payable premium.

This offers the convenience of easy policy management as you do not have to maintain separate insurance policies for each of your family members. Thus, renewing your policy also becomes easy, without the worry of missing the renewal dates of several individual policies.

Another important benefit of such a comprehensive policy is the sum insured because, under a considerable amount, you can insure your family together. When a medical emergency arises, one or more family members can enjoy the benefits of the full sum and avail of the best possible treatment.

With features like flexibility to set your premium, life-long renewability and the coverage for pre-existing diseases makes this insurance plan a beneficial health insurance for individuals looking to secure their loved ones’ health in the best manner possible. The policy also offers cashless claims through its network of quality health care providers.

The health advantage plus policy is another aspect of personal health insurance policy which takes care of all hospitalisation charges incurred during a medical emergency. This policy offers coverage for two individuals aged between 5 and 65 years of age. Apart from cashless claims at premium hospitals, this policy also covers all outpatient costs (OPD) incurred by the insured up to a specified amount.

This OPD takes care of all expenses which do not require hospitalisation and include charges for medicines, important tests, doctor’s or surgeon’s fees as also dental treatment and ambulance charges. Another key benefit offered by this health insurance policy is the coverage for pre and post hospitalisation. Thus, all expenses incurred 30 days before and 60 days after hospitalisation are taken care of and reduces the overall burden of finances imminent during a medical emergency.

Thus a sound understanding of these features and benefits makes it easy to buy health insurance for individuals who are looking to secure their health or their family’s health an insurance plan which best suits their needs.

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