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Health Insurance Information

Lesser Known Facts About Tax Benefits of Health Insurance

December 27 2016

Health Insurance is one of the best ways to add to your tax savings. Read on to know how you can maximise your tax savings this financial year.

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Is Cost-effective Insurance a Myth?

December 23 2016

As opposed to the common myth, insurance is NOT expensive. With several features, benefits and tax-free options, it is a wise way to cover risks.

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Protect Your Heart Before It’s Too Late

December 22 2016

A single trip to the hospital due to heart ailments can eat into your hard-earned savings. Read on to know why you need health insurance today!

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Demonetisation Move: Can Health Insurance Help?

December 14 2016

A health insurance can provide great relief during demonetisation when the nation is finding it difficult to cope up with healthcare expenses.

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What Do You Look for When You Compare A Health Insurance Policies?

December 10 2016

Comparing health insurance policies can be difficult, but when you know what to compare, you can certainly make a more informed decision.

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How to Stay in Shape During Winter?

December 06 2016

The world seems to be at rest during winter, but instead of staying indoors you need to get outdoors and stay active throughout the season to stay in shape.

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Section 80D De-jargoned

December 04 2016

Read on to understand the Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. It lets you avail tax exemptions on premium paid towards your health insurance plans.

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All You Need to Know About Health Insurance Portability

December 02 2016

Health Insurance Portability allows policyholders to port their existing policy from one insurer to another or switch to a different policy with the same insurer.

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Understanding the pre-existing disease clause

November 30 2016

Get a closer look at the pre-existing disease clauses in your health insurance policy wordings. Click here to know more.

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Fighting Vector-borne Diseases: The Smart Way

November 16 2016

Vector-borne diseases cause a million deaths every year. Preventive measures and health insurance plans go a long way towards protecting you.

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