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Health Insurance Information

Understanding Reset Benefit in Health Insurance

September 03 2016

A health insurance policy may not be enough to cover multiple claim expenses during a policy period. This is where reset benefit can help. Learn more.

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5 Tips to Stick to Your Exercise Routine #DoTheDifficult

September 01 2016

Stay committed to your fitness routine. Click here for useful tips that will help you stick to your exercise routine, and become sustainably healthy.

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How to Meet Out of Pocket Expenses with Daily Hospital Cash Plans?

August 29 2016

ICICI Lombard offers daily hospital cash that offers daily cash benefits on hospitalisation for a minimum period of 3 days and subject to a maximum of 10 consecutive days. Purchase the cover to avail daily cash benefits during hospitalisation.

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Face Off: Health Insurance Super Top-Up vs Top-Up

August 26 2016

Know how a standard top up and a super top up plan works in health insurance policies.

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Give Your Health Insurance the Booster Advantage

August 24 2016

Learn about the various features and benefits of the Health Booster top-up by ICICI Lombard. Enhance your health insurance policy with the health booster. Consider the Health Booster plan even if you do not have a health insurance.

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Wellness Programs: Ensure financial and physical well-being

August 23 2016

Insurance companies offer wellness programs with health insurance policies. A win-win for policyholders, it adds to the coverage while encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

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Kicking the Butt: Quit Smoking

August 22 2016

It is estimated that about 10 million people will die each year by 2020 In India due to smoking. Presently, about 5 million people die due to the direct consequences of smoking while about 600,000 are affected due to second hand exposure to smoke. About 30% cancer-related deaths are caused due to smoking and it is also responsible for 17% heart-related deaths. Bronchitis and emphysema are also caused due to cigarette smoking.

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Healthcare Technology: Screening for Lifestyle Diseases to Be Possible at Home!

August 21 2016

With the rise in lifestyle diseases, there is a need to shift from a reactive to proactive healthcare approach. Know more about preventive screening.

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Run for Wellness, Run for Humanity – Run a Marathon

August 19 2016

Marathons can be fun, rejuvenating and energising if done the right way. Get some tips and begin your race today.

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Bend it with Yoga

August 18 2016

In our present fast-paced life, most of us do not have time for ourselves. Physical and psychological stress overwhelms us and we hardly have any control over these. For this self deprecation, yoga comes to our rescue. While yoga has been around for a long time, it has gathered momentum only over the last few years.

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