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Health Insurance Information

Stress Related to Running a Start-up

February 27 2016

The booming start-up culture brings with it various stress-related issues. Read on to find out what they are and how you can tackle them.

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Smokers Avoid Health Cover

February 11 2016

Smokers often hesitate to opt for a health cover. Know the reasons for this and how smoking can affect your premiums.

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The Benefits of Alternative Medicine

December 25 2015

Perceptions are shifting and alternative medicine is slowly becoming a common form of treatment, especially for chronic diseases. Know more.

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Five Ways in Which Pollution Increases Genetic Risks

December 05 2015

Indian cities are increasingly becoming pollution hubs. Know the mutations and the diseases caused due to various types of pollution.

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Organ Donation: How Insurance Helps

October 22 2015

In India, nearly 5,00,000 people die every year due to unavailability of donors. Thousands suffer from heart or liver diseases or await a kidney or cornea transplant. While the number of organ donations has increased significantly, there is still a considerable mile to cover to narrow the gap between donors and individuals in need.

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7 Health Insurance Myths Shattered

October 06 2015

According to World Health Organization (WHO) 2013 reports, India's total per capita expenditure on health facilities is $215 or approximately INR 13,000. This indicates that health expenditure contributes for almost 4% of India's GDP.

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Protect Yourself against the Deathly Dengue Virus

October 05 2015

Dengue is a flu-like viral disease that is transmitted through the bite of an infected female mosquito. This particular mosquito has a peculiar white spotted body and legs and is easy to identify. Generally, it tends to affect children under 10 years of age. Nevertheless, it is not transferred directly from person to person.

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6 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Festive Season

October 01 2015

Festivals are a time to spread cheer. However, it is also a time when we feel stressed between gift buying, sweet making and trying to stay healthy. With so much going on, our body usually succumbs to the pressure and anxiety raising various health concerns.

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Counting Cholesterol - What do the numbers mean?

September 30 2015

There are many misconceptions and myths surrounding cholesterol levels and most people believe that cholesterol is bad for health. However, the fact is that cholesterol is important for hormonal balance, is an antioxidant and has several benefits necessary for healthy functioning of our body.

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10 Ways to Stay Healthy in Your 40s

September 25 2015

It usually takes more than a couple of decades to be closer to what we want to be and live a contented life. Ageing, therefore, isn't something to dread after all. Going up the hill actually gives us a better view of the years behind us so we learn to appreciate each day. Here are 10 lifestyle changes to implement when you hit your 40s.

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