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Health Insurance Information

Pneumonia And COPD: Understand Your Risk

August 10 2019

COPD and Pneumonia can affect even seemingly healthy people accustomed to living a fast paced lifestyle. Symptoms such as unusual amounts of mucus, inflammation or tightening in the chest require urgent attention.

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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Appendicitis

August 03 2019

Your appendix, a vestigial organ that has been long rendered dysfunctional, still continues to be an object of intrigue and research. Read on for more such facts on appendicitis that you probably had no idea about.

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Here Is Everything You Need to Know About Typhoid

July 24 2019

A blood or urine sample can be conclusive in diagnosing the presence of Salmonella typhi. Post diagnosis, antibiotic therapy is usually the way forward. However, consult your doctor for the best advice.

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Porting Your Health Insurance? Read This First

June 19 2019

Portability of a health insurance policy will help you switch from one insurer to another. This article will help you to know about the process of health insurance portability and how to apply for it.

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Retired people need health insurance. Here’s why

May 21 2019

A health insurance policy is replete with numerous benefits that can make your post-retired life easier and financially secured.

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AI Based Claim Approval

May 05 2019

An artificial intelligence (AI) based technology solution has been designed keeping in mind medical emergencies and time taken to respond to customer claims reduced to just one minute. Click here to know more!

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Things to Know Before You Get Yourself Inked

March 19 2019

Before you get inked, know about the process of tattooing, the preparations you need to make and the healing and maintenance requirements post-tattoo.

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Know the costs of various treatments in different Indian cities

March 10 2019

A brief information about the treatment charges for some common diseases in metropolitan cities of India like Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

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Wearable Devices are Going to Rule the Future of Your Healthcare: Read to Know How

March 05 2019

By tracking your daily activities and other recording other health data, wearable devices enable you to avail better healthcare facilities and customised health insurance plans.

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8 Tips to Keep Your Child Safe This Holi

March 03 2019

Make sure your child uses organic colours, dresses up properly, puts on goggles and stays away from water balloons this Holi to remain safe.

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