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Health Insurance Information

Employer’s Group Health Insurance: Should You Include Your Parents?

March 12 2018

With no waiting period and coverage of pre-existing diseases, a group health insurance plan ensures adequate health coverage for you and your family

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Healthy Alternatives to Your Favourite Junk Food

March 09 2018

Junk food can have devastating effects on our body and hence replacing them with these healthy alternatives can be a good way to a healthy life

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5 Harmful Effects Of Junk Foods

March 01 2018

Junk food has no nutritional value and they are rich in sugar, calories, salts and fats which can cause serious damage to the body and functioning of brain

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Things To Know Before Choosing A Critical Illness Insurance

February 26 2018

A critical illness insurance may help save your life. Careful consideration in needed on your part to choose the right policy for yourself and your family

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How To Avoid Losing Health Insurance Cover Due To Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

February 12 2018

Not disclosing pre-existing medical conditions can get your insurance claim rejected. It is wise to disclose all the information while buying your plan

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Health Insurance For Differently-Abled & Mentally Challenged Individuals

February 08 2018

There are several ways differently-abled and mentally challenged individuals can avail health insurance. Here’s what you need to know

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Deductibles You Should Be Aware Of In Your Health Insurance Plan

February 05 2018

Knowing your deductibles is essential for a fair understanding of your health insurance policy. Your deductibles can save you money and help you plan ahead

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Health Insurance: Before And After Budget 2018

February 02 2018

Here are the key changes that have been made to health insurance in Union Budget 2018. Changes will benefit senior citizens more

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Get More Benefits with Health Insurance Apart From Saving Tax

January 29 2018

Apart from saving taxes, you can get numerous benefits from a health insurance plan that provides financial security to you and your family members

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4 Ways Wearable Tech Is Changing the Landscape of Insurance and Healthcare Industries

January 10 2018

Wearable technology is offering key insights to health insurers, thereby helping them to offer customised policies at competitive rates.

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