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Health Insurance Information

Supplement your Healthcare Plan with Critical Illness Insurance

March 18 2016

It is important to have a critical illness insurance cover along with a health insurance policy to ride over health issues without financial stress. Know more.

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Rely on a health insurance company that understands your needs

March 12 2016

Choice of a health insurance company depends on the plans the company has and whether they are suitable for you.

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Smokers Avoid Health Cover

February 11 2016

Smokers often hesitate to opt for a health cover. Know the reasons for this and how smoking can affect your premiums.

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The Benefits of Alternative Medicine

December 25 2015

Perceptions are shifting and alternative medicine is slowly becoming a common form of treatment, especially for chronic diseases. Know more.

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Protect Yourself against the Deathly Dengue Virus

October 05 2015

Dengue is a flu-like viral disease that is transmitted through the bite of an infected female mosquito. This particular mosquito has a peculiar white spotted body and legs and is easy to identify. Generally, it tends to affect children under 10 years of age. Nevertheless, it is not transferred directly from person to person.

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A Disability-Friendly Environment

September 02 2015

Disability or impairment can afflict any person, young or old. While some are born with a disability, others encounter untoward incidents that result in disability. Accidental injuries, age-related disabilities or genetically developed impairments are therefore a part of life.

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The Essentials of a Complete Health Insurance Plan

September 01 2015

More and more investors today have acknowledged the significance of Medical Insurance Plans. The awareness that these plans are effective shields to deal with rising cost of medical aid, to safeguard precious savings from unforeseen health emergencies and most importantly to secure dependant family members against minor or major health-related financial risks is widespread.

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7 Terrible Diet Tips You Should Never Follow

August 17 2015

Our society has been attuned to seeing individuals with a certain physical body type. Anyone who does not does not fit into the conventional standards is considered an outlier. However, following crazy diets or starving just to get that perfect beach body can be unhealthy.

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7 Vital Steps towards Good Health

August 10 2015

The World Health Organization defines good health as not merely the absence of diseases but also a reflection of the social and mental well-being. Being healthy doesn't just mean that you are not unwell. It involves the concept of physical, mental and social health. Here are some methods that will help you to achieve an overall healthy life.

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6 Secrets of People Who Love to Exercise

August 07 2015

It is often said that 'Health is Wealth'. Today's hectic lifestyle is rapidly taking a toll on this 'wealth'. Obesity, diabetes, blood pressure are becoming common ailments. Inspite of their busy schedules, there are a few people who keep themselves fit.

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