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Home Insurance Information

Why You Must Get to Know Your Neighbours?

December 28 2016

A little interaction with your neighbour can result in a long lasting friendship which may go on strongly even after you leave the neighbourhood.

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What Do You Look for When You Compare Home Insurance Policies?

December 15 2016

Comparing home insurance policies before buying will help you to make an informed decision and choose the policy that is aptly suited to your needs.

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Homeowners Pay Attention

December 06 2016

You bought a new home and moved in. Here is a list of things that you must know after you move in to your new home.

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Advice for First Time Home Buyers

November 23 2016

Educating yourself before buying your first home can make the process less stressful and allow you to get the desired house at the desired price.

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Burglary Insurance and First Loss Policy Explained

November 04 2016

Insurers can insure a certain percentage of their assets if they feel that the probability of their entire stock getting stolen at once is very low.

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Does Your home Insurance Cover "Additional Living Expenses" (ALE)?

October 28 2016

Factor Additional Living Expenses (ALE) in your policy to ensure you are protected in case you had to move your accommodation due to an insured peril.

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Home Security during Festival Season

October 21 2016

The festival season is around the corner. Read on to ensure the safety and security of your home is not compromised during the celebrations.

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Building Collapse: Some Precautions You Must Take

October 15 2016

Follow these precautionary measures to ensure enduring homes while you let ICICI Home Insurance take care of unexpected financial losses.

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Structural Faults To Look For When Buying Or Renting A Home

September 13 2016

Faulty structure ends up being a costly affair, beware before renting or buying a home. Secure your abode today with ICICI Lombard’s Home Insurance.

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Worst Natural Disasters in Recent Times in India and Their Impact

August 23 2016

A detailed account of some of the severe natural disasters in India in recent times and how to make sure they don’t have an effect on your livelihood.

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